Undergraduate Courses

  • CE205 : Engineering Drawings and Computer Graphics
    Practice of drawing fundamental, understanding existing and detail drawings, drawings 
    for construction works and learning how to use computer graphic programs in drawings.

  • CE312 : Structural Mechanics II
    Application of the principle of least work and the principle of virtual work, deflection
    and structural behavior of unsymmetrical elements and analysis of curved elements, 
    analysis of statically indeterminate structures.

  • CE412 : Design of Steel Structures
    Material properties and behavior of steel, understanding and comparison of design
    codes for steel structures, design of beam-to-column joints, design of steel members
    such as beams and columns and fundamental theories for buckling of structural 

  • CE413 : Prestressed Concrete
    Basic concepts of prestressed concrete, material properties, flexural design, shear 
    and torsion, bond and anchorage, anchorage zone design, partial loss of prestress 
    force, composite beams, analysis of continuous beams and deflections.

  • CE493 : Construction Management and Project Scheduling
    Generals to construction management : 
      selection of construction sites, decision of construction method, estimation, strategy 
      for a bid, reception of an order, contract, construction organization, information system 
      for construction site management, planning method of construction schedule, optimal 
      application method of resources(manpower, equipment, material, money), safety 
      supervision and quality management, etc.

Graduate Courses

  • CE501 : Advanced Mechanics of Solids
    Stress-strain relations, fundamental theories of elasticity based on the tensor method, 
    introduction of plasticity and fracture mechanics, shear and torsion analysis of box 
    sections, introduction of energy theorems and the principle of least work 

  • CE505 : Applied Mathematics
    Introduction of fundamental mathematical techniques related to applied mechanics. 
    Dealing with vectors, tensors, analysis of vector fields, matrix and linear equations, 
    eigenvalue problems, linear spaces, linear operations, fuctionals, variational and 
    approximate methods, complex variables, conformal mapping, Fourier 
    transformation and Laplace transformation, etc.

  • CE613 : Optimal Design of Structures
    Optimization theories, linear and nonlinear programming(secondary or geometric
    programing), weight optimization and topology optimization of structures with or
    without constraints.

  • CE614 : Stability of Structures
    Buckling theories for the elastic to inelastic stability of structural members, buckling 
    of plate and shell, energy methods, characteristic function, numerical analysis. 
    characteristic of post-buckling and torsional buckling are covered.

  • CE715 : Special Topics in Structural Engineering
    All the structure problems uncovered in other classes : 
      seismic design and analysis, soil-structure interaction analysis, wind analysis and 
      design, wave load analysis and design, fluid-structure interaction analysis, system
      identification technology and vibration control, etc.